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Last additions - 2016 Contests and Challenges
Merry Christmas from Kianna111 views5 commentsJherrithDec 31, 2016
Hurry Down the Chimney90 views5 commentsAgent0013Dec 31, 2016
Winter Angel105 views2 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 30, 2016
Gardenia Sapphire106 views3 commentsPaulDec 29, 2016
I'm Your Angel Tonight121 views5 commentsRainbowGypsyDec 29, 2016
Sweet Snowrenity93 views7 commentsSpookieLilOneDec 29, 2016
Shape - Spring 2017101 views4 commentsRodSDec 28, 2016
Santa Baby Fae102 views1 commentsRadkresDec 28, 2016
Santa Baby...89 views3 commentsCarolannDec 28, 2016
Santa Baby is an Angel...99 views4 commentsCarolannDec 28, 2016
Ready and waiting for the New Year!93 views5 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 28, 2016
Naughty List102 views3 commentstbone9914Dec 27, 2016
Ssssh ...I Aint no Angel...86 views1 commentsCarolannDec 27, 2016
The Winter Angel82 views4 commentsCarolannDec 27, 2016
Santa's Heavenly Helpers86 views2 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 24, 2016
Blue Memories104 views2 commentsSpookieLilOneDec 24, 2016

2016 Pinups & Portraits Weekly Contest


You can pick the subject of your choice be it Faes, Mermaids, Real Life, Sci Fi, Male, Female, Retro, etc, but each Pinup and Portrait can only contain one subject. Another words, a creation with a group of Mermaids is not considered a Pinup and would not be selected. A pin up or portrait that has no more then one animal, along with the main character be it male or female, real or fantasy is allowed.

This year we'll accept Nudity in both contests but won't use those images on our "products for sale".

172 files, last one added on Dec 29, 2016
Album viewed 831 times

2016 Your Art Contest


This contest is exactly as stated....YOUR ART.... Your task is to create what you are most comfortable creating be it scenes, Fractals, Pinups, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Etc..... It covers all categories and gives you the artist a free hand to do what you want to do.

This year we'll accept Nudity in both contests but won't use those images on our "products for sale".

129 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2016
Album viewed 483 times

Alturiak ~ The Claws of Winter ~ Let the Music Play ~ Feb. 2016 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to a new month and a brand new contest full of layers and layers up to you and your imagination to unravel. What? Not a complicated contest again .... no folks nothing complex at all.

Last month you showed off book cover designs for upcoming original titles.

Now for the month of February all one need do is "Let the Music Play" and craft an image that your favorite song brings to your minds eye.

Sort of like what was done in Fantasia, for those of you have seen that movie.

Simple, right?

Standard rules apply, all entries must be original and not entered in a contest anywhere else, you are allowed up to three entries.

This contest shall run until Midnight ..... on Saturday February 27th ... EST.

So have fun and enter often.

54 files, last one added on Feb 27, 2016
Album viewed 358 times

Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ The Naughty Fairy ~ April 2016 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Now you have chosen to shine light on the little or not so little fairies being "naughty".

The trick is now for you to define naughty, as it is a word that has several meanings and all of them are up for grabs, so have they been disobedient, indecent, risqué, rude, racy, ribald, bawdy, suggestive, improper, indelicate, vulgar, saucy .... or ... well you get my point.

The one thing that is not allowed is adult situations in your pictures, remember this a family site and young people can view the gallery.

46 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2016
Album viewed 412 times

Mirtul ~ The Melting ~ Swords and Roses ~ May 2016 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to the month of Mirtul a month of spring and the rebirth of nature. Another event that is typically respected during this time in the early part of the year is a day of reflection for our ladies who are Mothers, yes for without them life could not go forward at all.

Don't know about most of thee, but would you not defend thy mother or any mother with sword or more ... however for this time we would like for you to show us your visions concerning the relationship between the delicacy of the flowering rose of motherhood and the sword of strength used to defend the mothers who nurture our children.

Your challenge this month is simple as we only desire that you show us a sword and rose within your image. It can be as simple as a battle twixt two involving swords in a field of roses, or mayhaps a tattoo of a sword and rose on a character. Perhaps even a prop based picture of a sword in the ground surrounded by roses.

Your imagination is allowed to go in any direction desired ... but only if there is a sword and rose included .... in some fashion.

27 files, last one added on May 29, 2016
Album viewed 367 times

Flamerule ~ 8th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ July 2016 ~ENDED ~


Flamerule ~ 8th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ July 2016

Welcome to our birthday party for The Fantasy Attic, yes folks on the 15th of the month we will have been here on the world wide spider web for nine (9) years. Which that is saying something these days with the overnight, here one minute and gone the next sites, fads and so forth.

There is a long standing tradition here when our birthday comes round and since it is summer time what could be better then "swimsuits" yes "swimsuits" and by that we do mean the characters in your picture must be wearing a swimsuit. Granted it could be a complete body covering one piece for either sex, or a modest bikini for the ladies and speedo's for the gents, or for the truly daring ladies ... barely there ... bottom line all must be wearing a swimsuit.

Can be any character as well, male, female kids, aliens ... even Kianna might put a swimsuit on for all of you ... or maybe not ... she is such a shy and timid person.

So since this is our birthday you are allowed up to five (5) entries, all original, not posted in any other contests and you have till midnight July 30 to submit your entries.

Enter often and have fun ... now on to the prizes for you.

64 files, last one added on Jul 29, 2016
Album viewed 356 times

Eleasis ~ Highsun ~ Mythologies of the World ~ August 2016 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Yes, history takes many forms and most has been handed down as stories that have turned into myths and legends over the centuries and millenniums. It is your challenge to bring those stories back to life and remember the call of thy ancient blood, the scent of the wind, the will to survive.

These stories are the legacy of all and represent cultures and civilizations that are now dust. The Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Celts, Indians of the Americas, Japan, China and the Far East ... well you get my point.

Your challenge is to bring them to life, doesn't matter which legend, story or culture you wish to use, or even what style of medium you wish to display thy glimpse of the past in, the only request is to tell us a mythological story from anywhere or any time.

25 files, last one added on Aug 28, 2016
Album viewed 360 times



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