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Last additions - 2015 Contests and Challenges
It was You!78 views1 commentsreserv888Dec 31, 2015
Bring on the New Year125 views5 commentsRainbowGypsyDec 31, 2015
On Cold Wings...86 views6 commentsShatteredmuseDec 30, 2015
Light Storm85 views7 commentsAelinDec 30, 2015
By the pale moonlight107 views5 commentssemicharmDec 30, 2015
Jadis83 views6 commentsNapalmarsenalDec 30, 2015
Ice78 views4 commentsPraeDec 29, 2015
Snowqueen77 views4 commentsarchibiaDec 29, 2015
Misunderstanding352 views7 commentsNeimrokDec 29, 2015
Delicate104 views5 commentsJherrithDec 28, 2015
Winter Warrior Queen79 views6 commentsshibashakeDec 27, 2015
The Toys Light the Night.128 views14 commentsfionathegoodDec 27, 2015
Anyone home?93 views6 commentsreserv888Dec 27, 2015
Drinking from a brook59 views2 commentsreserv888Dec 26, 2015
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon97 views8 commentsCharlyDec 25, 2015
Nighttime Lessons79 views6 commentsGlitterati3DDec 24, 2015

Hammer ~ The Seven Deadly Sins ~ Jan. 2015 Contest ~ENDED ~


Welcome to the New year but be warned friends, tis that time of year again when many resolve to 'do battle ...
with the many shadows that reside within each of us ....

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

Yes the seven deadly sins warned of, are still a part of mankind to some degree or another.

There are many variations of each of these your imagination is the only limit in portraying them.
"Greed" for example can take many forms, be it for wealth, power, knowledge, or possessions ....

33 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2015
Album viewed 498 times

Alturiak ~ A Dark and Gothic Romance ~ Feb 2015 ~ ENDED ~


As we all know, love is often blind to the differences between us and the 'others' who are said to inhabit this realm, including other humans.

But this...this dear friends is about a 'monstrous love', wherein one or both parties is some form of Fae, a Child of the Night, mayhaps trolls, goblins and other such creatures.

To celebrate the month of February, let us capture a moment between them. What sort of Valentine gift or card would one give the other and how 'gothic'* can you make it?

*'Gothic' is that special blend of fiction, horror and dark Romanticism, that includes literature, song, poetry and architecture. That barely seen subtle touch of mystery, horror and the darkness that prevails there.

24 files, last one added on Feb 28, 2015
Album viewed 198 times

Ches ~ The Claws of Sunsets ~ Steampunk Visions of Irish Mythology ~ March 2015 Contest ~ ENDED ~


This time though we go back to the dawn of time to recall the myths and legends of the ancient world known as Ireland, from the Mythological cycle such as Tuatha de Danaan; into the Ulster Cycle , such as Cu Chulainn; set around the time of Christ. These were followed by the Fenian cycle , such as Finn Mac Cumhail; which concerned itself with the deeds of Irish hero's. Whether it be adventures, epic voyages or even pagan festivals celebrated in times long past.

Your challenge is to bring to life any Irish myth from one of these cycles. You may add a bit of Steampunk to the mix or keep your interpretation Traditional. It is your choice!

25 files, last one added on Mar 28, 2015
Album viewed 344 times

Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ Dance of Dragons ~ April 2015 Contest ~ ENDED ~


The theme is simple this time your art must have a dragon or several if desired in it and be the main focus of the image.

What you depict is up to you, it could be an aerial ballet between two dragons or a single one trying to impress a potential mate. Could be a scene of protection of their young or territory. Could be even architecture, statues or relics, as long as it features the mighty dragon in the design.

A splendid time for all to let their imagination dance in the sky with the fabled dragon, so this month you are allowed up to five (5) entries, not entered in any contest elsewhere.

This shall end at midnight April 25th.

45 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2015
Album viewed 357 times

Mirtul ~ The Greening ~ Girls and Guns ~ May 2015 Contest ~ ENDED ~


A new month has begun and with it changes have shown up all around us with all the rain we have been receiving, and the best one that I have seen is all the lovely ladies roaming about in their springtime outfits but beware these ladies take no guff or nonsense from any passerby.

And that is why they are packing some heat, as in big guns, little guns, guns you do not even see until till to late.

You have been warned,

46 files, last one added on May 30, 2015
Album viewed 369 times

Flamerule ~ 7th Annual Swimsuit & Pinup Contest ~ July 2015 ~ ENDED ~


what time is it???

Yes, folks it's time for a birthday celebration here in the these hallowed halls. Whose birthday you ask well ours, that is ... The Fantasy Attic .... yes on the 15th of the month we opened our doors. And each year since then we have held a swimsuit and pin up contest, for some unknown reason so many of you our talented members seem to enjoy swimsuits and pin ups (cough, cough).

Now get ready folks, and let us have the hottest display of all varieties of the humble swimwear that can be imagined.

No stipulations this time around just to keep things simple, it is all about swimsuits, be they covering all, barely covering or somewhere in between. It is all up to you ...

This shall run till the end of the month at midnight on the 31st since it is our anniversary and we should have fun all month long in my opinion.

You are allowed up to five each entries not entered anywhere else.

49 files, last one added on Jul 31, 2015
Album viewed 394 times

Eleasis ~ Highsun ~ Rule of the Unicorns ~ August 2015 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Mention the word unicorns and people think of the mystical and magical horses with a horn from their foreheads reputed to hold magical and esoteric powers. Partial to only the pure of heart and body , tis claimed that only a virgin maid could calm them for them to be either captured or slain by hunters.

In other times the unicorn was known as the symbol of Scotland, due to it being a proud and haughty beast that would sooner die then be captured, just like the Scots.

Just a wee bit of lore dug up for those who like to get historical.

Then again one could always just depict the beauty of the Unicorn, since the only hard and fast rule is that a unicorn must be in your creation.

43 files, last one added on Aug 29, 2015
Album viewed 320 times



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