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Last additions - Let's try Something
Dark Alice164 views9 commentsHeitaikaiMay 31, 2016
Queen Alice132 views11 commentsAelinMay 27, 2016
Where's The Tea?143 views8 commentsTwisted.IllusionsMay 25, 2016
Curiouser and Curiouser143 views6 commentsPaulMay 25, 2016
Dark Alice153 views9 commentsTwisted.IllusionsMay 23, 2016
Little Alice lost in the Woods --RunnerUp146 views4 commentsUteBigSmileMay 23, 2016
Alice and Her Habit --RunnerUp158 views3 commentsQXIMay 22, 2016
Dead End --RunnerUp163 views7 commentsheavenleeMay 20, 2016
Tha Dark Half154 views9 commentsheavenleeMay 19, 2016
Die Wabbit144 views5 commentsHadCancerMay 17, 2016
Steampunk Alice ©Aldon150 views7 commentsMay 15, 2016
Lonesome Tavern176 views7 commentsMilosGulanMay 12, 2016
Beware of the Jabberwocky --RunnerUp186 views2 commentsM-CallahanMay 12, 2016
Alice and The Cheshire Cat -- Top Winner186 views8 commentsloligaggerMay 09, 2016
Queen of Hearts163 views8 commentsM-CallahanMay 08, 2016
Dark March Hare148 views3 commentsM-CallahanMay 08, 2016

Dark World Behind The Mirror *ENDED*


In the world of make believe we are able to do all sorts of things but I don't want to scare you so let your imaginations go. This month we are having an Alice in Wonderland, sort of.

Alice in Wonderland is always so much more fun when she is DARK so that is what we are doing a Dark, Steampunkish Alice in Wonderland. Use what you have, grab things from the FreeZone to add. Make your "creatures" from what you have, postwork them in your favorite graphics program.

Read more here

19 files, last one added on May 31, 2016
Album viewed 201 times

Magic, Mythic, Fantastical April Challenge **ENDED**


Your entries will contain any of the aspects mentioned: magic, mythic or Fantasy.

Combine them or use only one to get your idea across.

The makeup of your images will be up to you with the only MUST HAVE is the essence of the challenge title.

Let's try to "charm" mother nature into some slightly warmer weather!


1. NOT entered anywhere else (contest) you can post as a regular image in any gallery you want.
2. Ends April29 @ midnight
3. 3 entries each member
4. 5 winners

go here to see the prize

19 files, last one added on Apr 27, 2016
Album viewed 191 times

Sidherose's Face/Lives March 2016 Challenge **ENDED**




The theme, as the Title indicates is Many Faces/Many Lives.

You can leave M4 as he is, or you can morph him YOURSELF if you like. No pre-injected characters. M4 must be used without the aid of other packages for his appearance, you dial the morphs to your liking or us as he is.

Adding hair, bald, or painted hair is acceptable as well as face painting in your graphics program. He must also be in a pose and situation appropriate to the character you are portraying - like a Mage fighting a monster or busy in his laboratory -- The Vampire romancing his prey or eh, leftovers of the encounter -- The Good Guy being good -- the Bad Guy being Bad.

BUT, let's see some body language, dynamic and appropriate poses - and expressions also appropriate to the character like an evil smile, sneering, looking friendly and smiling, looking cruel or devious, threatening or menacing. What are the little details about this character which make him who and what he is?


Simply, the images will be judged on how completely we are convinced this character is really who you say he is and doing whatever it is he's doing in the image.


1. You can pick any number of the possibilities up to 5 and have up to 5 entries each.
2. Contest ends March 31, 2016 (forum time, see your profiles for the time)
3. Album is located here:
4. NO character packages allowed, must be M4 as is or morphed by you with dials or other means (face lab in poser, painted in another program, custom morph you create)
5. NOT posted in another contest anywhere else.

PRIZE: Seth Resurrected an FRM Exclusive

Read more HERE

15 files, last one added on Mar 30, 2016
Album viewed 175 times

Something Wicked...February 2016 Challenge **ENDED**


Please go to post to see all that this challenge is about.

This new challenge is going to be really easy and all you have to do is incorporate these swirls in your artwork....Something Wicked is the name of the game.


1. 3 entries per person
2. ends Feb. 29th, midnight forum time
3. Swirls must be in the image, how many is up to you

Winners.... 3 of them, I hope, that will get their choice of a $25.00 Xurge coupon or (2) AnimaGemini prizes

topic is located here for the rest of the information ===> http://thefantasiesattic.net/attic/index.php?topic=14315.0

18 files, last one added on Feb 29, 2016
Album viewed 187 times

The "Unexpected" January 2016 Challenge **ENDED**


Ok here we go...you have all month (what's left of it that is) to do this challenge. I am providing you a background image for this challenge too.

The keyword is UNEXPECTED. Take this background and make it your own, with adding your own lighting, plus something that you just would not expect. Crazy, weird or unexpectedly normal you are the creator.

You can use part of it, all of it (better that way) but you must use it somehow or the entry is disqualified.

1. Ends January 31, midnight CST

2. 3 entries per member

3. If there are enough entries (only one win per member) there will be 4 winners of a Xurge coupon.

This another one of those get creative types of challenge..... knock my socks off!

5 files, last one added on Jan 23, 2016
Album viewed 180 times

AG's You'd Better Watch Out...2015 Challenge (ENDED)


OK, here are the images (provided ever so kindly by UteBigSmile) for the second challenge this Christmas season.

What will you come up with for the prize this time? As the title says, You'd better watch out...watch out for what is your problem to come up with.

Our sponsor AnimaGemini: The Road to Madriac a futuristic, "Mad Max-ish" type of set. Just think of all the ideas you can get for images of your own but there will only be 5 lucky winners of this set.

1. It will go form Dec. 14 until Dec. 31 and the album to play in is right here [url=]We Wish You A Merry Christmas[/url]

2. Must use the backgrounds provided 1 or all if you want to try that route...LOL

3. 4 entries per member.

Be imaginative...Creative...Unconventional, no limits to your imagination and what delightfully wicked ideas you can come up with.

12 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2015
Album viewed 160 times

Mission NOT So Impossible **ENDED**


There will be 5 winners of our loverly sponsor AnimaGemini: Fountain of Youth see here:

It will go form Dec. 5 until Dec. 12

Must use the backgrounds provided 1 or all if you want to try that route...LOL

The background you choose, will be the theme of your mission. If you wish to enter with each background you may --- 4 entries per member.

Be Creative, Be Imaginative, Be Unconventional --- Have FUN!

6 files, last one added on Dec 12, 2015
Album viewed 151 times



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