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Last additions - 2014 Contests and Challenges
Christmas Elf116 views3 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 30, 2014
"Prayer Time" by Paul90 views2 commentssidheroseDec 28, 2014
"Resurrection II" by reserv88896 views1 commentssidheroseDec 28, 2014
Open Me First.....87 views3 commentsRodSDec 27, 2014
New Years Eve87 views2 commentssidheroseDec 26, 2014
Do you believe in they?97 views2 commentsAelinDec 26, 2014
I believe in the virgin birth.92 views3 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 26, 2014
I believe in the First Christmas94 views3 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 26, 2014
Sharing the Christmas goodies 96 views4 commentsali_senDec 25, 2014
Snow Queen and Ice Dragon94 views5 commentsshibashakeDec 24, 2014
The family union97 views2 commentsMarciaGomesDec 24, 2014
Dangerous Beauty88 views6 commentsshibashakeDec 23, 2014
Santa's Helpers89 views4 commentsshibashakeDec 22, 2014
The TreeWreckers104 views5 commentsWayiiDec 22, 2014
Resurrection II~FAC Winner Week of 12/27/14~106 views9 commentsreserv888Dec 21, 2014
Resurrection49 views2 commentsreserv888Dec 21, 2014

Flamerule ~ 6th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ Express Thyself ~ July 2014 ~ ENDED ~


Yes, folks it is our birthday here once again and for the sixth year in a row, we welcome you to our Annual Swimsuit and Pinup Contest. Everyone loves swimsuits, especially ones that are barely there and sometime even the ones that be decorous to the extreme.
Do we have a caveat, but of course, we would love to challenge each of thee and your growth as an artist.
Tis but a simple one though ... called "expressions".
Did she really just loose her top due to diving into the pool or swimming hole, or was it that she sat up and forgot that she had untie her top to even her tan out? Or did she actually forget? Is she embarrassed, unaware, proud to show off, or .....

49 files, last one added on Aug 31, 2014
Album viewed 377 times

Hammer ~ One Candle to Light the Way ~ Jan. 2014 Contest ~ ENDED ~


The votes have been tallied and we have a challenge to open up the new year with for this months contest.

One candle to light the scene.

Simple thought, and it means any topic you choose to base your scene on is fine, well, no adult material, ...

Back to the topic though, one candle to light your scene up. Or another way to express that is one light source only, at a brightness level of a candle.

Imagination and creativity is the key on this contest. Besides you know you love a challenge to stretch your artistic skills.

28 files, last one added on Jan 29, 2014
Album viewed 371 times

Alturiak ~ A Black and White Valentines ~ Feb 2014 Contest ~ ENDED ~


A Black and White Valentine.

This is quite the best of challenges as all of the ideas listed in the poll are fair game to be rendered as a "Black and White Valentine" image. So dost thou have a gothic lover, oh that would be grand in black and white. What about a candlelit dinner for two, black and white is such the perfect medium for such a scene.

So any of thy thoughts as to what defines Valentines for thee is acceptable ... the only stipulation is that it must be in "Black and White" .

18 files, last one added on Feb 27, 2014
Album viewed 177 times

Ches ~ Corsets and Blades ~ March 2014 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Well, now doesn't this bring to mind the barely there armor from the pulp sword and sorcery reading. Well, it did for me but then again I have been known to be slightly occasionally.

However, what we have to do here is to focus on the "corset". According to my research there is two distinct types of corsets. One is the overbust corset and the other is an underbust corset, traditionally a corset was used as a slimming article of clothing. However its purpose has evolved over the centuries.

As a little help, think about Gothic, Steampunk, or Victorian fashion. On another note one can go with the sword and sorcery concept of fashion style for a corset and well ... one can just imagine the outcome.

So your character male or female, needs a corset of some type and they do require a sword or some other style bladed weapon to fit the theme.

31 files, last one added on Mar 28, 2014
Album viewed 344 times

Tarsakh ~ Mad as a Hatter ~ April 2014 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Well, this month you get your chance to explore the magical world that Alice found when she followed that very odd white rabbit and the madness that surrounded and awaited her in this very odd realm.

Remember the white rabbit, the hatter, the march hare, the walrus and the carpenter, the jabberwocky, the caterpillar and least we forget the Cheshire cat. Trouble abounds methinks...

You now have a chance to create a character that you feel would fit in the story, or a new scene for any of the original characters. Or you can do a creation based on the classic Alice In Wonderland or any of the film versions that have been shown in the intervening years.

Cartoonish, anime, whimsical, dark, twisted, bizarre, even horror if desired, just keep the blood and gore out if you please.

The only element we ask for is something that will visually show the viewer that this has something to do with Alice In Wonderland. Not written text describing the creation. We want the "Alice In Wonderland" Element to pop out.

25 files, last one added on Apr 26, 2014
Album viewed 334 times

Amaranth's Fire contest -- ENDED


Well folks it is Amaranth's Wedding Anniversary and she is celebrating by giving us a contest.

Start May 20, 2014
End June 15, 2014
3 Entries per person

Your inspiration is:


Listen to the song then create your images with it in mind...let it tell you what to create.

While you are at it remember to wish her a Happy Anniversary (5-20-2014) and her son a Happy Birthday on June 16, 2014.

Oh yes I almost forgot the prize:

FaeryTies hair and FaeryTies outfit (dress, gloves, faerystockings)

9 files, last one added on Jun 08, 2014
Album viewed 175 times

Flamerule ~ Winging it ~ 7th Anniversary Contest ~ July 2014 ~ ENDED ~


Yes, something we here at the Fantasies Attic do ever so well, and we have seldom stopped winging it since our doors opened in 2008 and for our seventh year celebration we invite you to "Wing It" with us.

The theme is simple.....Any Fantasy Creature with WINGS. Faeries, Dragons, Sprites, Angels, Demons, Gargoyles, Wyverns and all winged creatures of legend are invited to 'wing it' into the Gallery for this contest.

So give your creativity...WINGS!

Will you do an aerial battle between a Fire Drake defending his territory from a marauding Wyvern? Has some hapless mortal unwittingly crossed into the Realm of Faerie only to meet something from legend and myth?

57 files, last one added on Aug 31, 2014
Album viewed 355 times



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