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Last additions - 2010 Contest and Challenges
Saturnalia150 views5 commentsTparoDec 31, 2010
Year of the Rabbit123 views3 commentsali_senDec 31, 2010
Thy Resolution113 views6 commentsJherrithDec 31, 2010
Golden 201197 views4 commentsTparoDec 30, 2010
Happy New Year!!88 views5 commentslunchladyDec 30, 2010
Take the Picture Already This Hurts109 views3 commentsHadCancerDec 30, 2010
Hello106 views3 commentsHadCancerDec 30, 2010
Do You Really Think I'm Cute?98 views2 commentsHadCancerDec 30, 2010
Lady New Years (Please fullview)160 views7 commentsSpookieLilOneDec 29, 2010
Welcome 2011159 views6 commentsTparoDec 29, 2010
New Year Photoshooting106 views7 commentsMargyDec 29, 2010
Happy New Year!166 views4 commentsglennv702Dec 28, 2010
Red.109 views2 commentsStar4mationDec 28, 2010
2011102 views4 commentsMargyDec 28, 2010
Bring in the new year!103 views2 commentsKharumDec 27, 2010
Merry Xmas97 views1 commentsKharumDec 27, 2010

Hammer ~ The Town Rattling ~ Happy Mystical New Year 2010 ~ ENDED


It has been a busy year past and the new one coming promises to be as full of activities and opportunities, but first there is the matter of ushering out the old.
Your task this month is to show us the varied and myriad of ways that the Elves and the rest of the mystical folks celebrate the coming of a new year.
How about the townsfolk are there any special customs or superstitions that they observe?

11 files, last one added on Jan 27, 2010
Album viewed 166 times

Alturiak ~ Sleeping Beauty Revisited ~ February 2010 Contest ~ENDED~


Your task is to show how ones love for another overcomes all obstacles the castle throws at our suitor. Whether he quests for his lady's hand or perhaps (we have no blushing flower here) an intrepid lass who will do anything to awaken her man. Mayhaps, you can depict if thou be a false lover how distressing it can become for thee when the castle shows thy heart to be lacking.

13 files, last one added on Feb 26, 2010
Album viewed 176 times

Ches ~ The Claws of Sunset: A Day of Water ~ March 2010 Contest ~ ENDED~


Winter has departed and the land has begin to renew itself and don its raiment of flowers and new growth in the forests and fields. Yet there is an increasing demand placed by settlers and the towns. For with growth towns become cities and cities need an increasing amount of resources. So much so that the Fae folk have become concerned by the thoughtless use by the humans in this regard.

6 files, last one added on Mar 27, 2010
Album viewed 175 times

Tarsakh ~ Opportunities Abound: What If? ~ April 2010 contest ~ENDED ~


What if the occupants of our Fantasy Attic/Realms decided to try their hand in getting real jobs in the land of humans.....what do you think their choice of occupation would be?

7 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2010
Album viewed 158 times

Flamerule: 2nd Annual Swimsuit & Pin-Up Contest ~ July 2010 ~ ENDED


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Yes, folks it is our anniversary cometh upon us. On the 15th of July we will be two years old. What could be better then the 2nd Annual Swimsuit & Pin-up contest.

Tis no specific theme except they be pin up style pictures, which means they can be in swimsuits, birthday suits, three piece suits ... well maybe not that last one, but you get the point. Right?

67 files, last one added on Jul 31, 2010
Album viewed 322 times

Uktar ~ We Give Thanks Contest ~ November 2010 ~ Ended ~


We give thanks for the dawn of a new day.
And the retreat of the night and the powers of darkness.
I give thanks for a safe journey.

The harvest-time has come yet once more and the year is drawing down to a close as the winter months begin in earnest. The Earthmother, the Great Mother, or the Leaflord as the elves name him, preside over the health and abundance of the land. Tis the time that the nature deities slumber as is their wont during the months of the winter season as they prepare for the rebirth of the land and the planting season.

7 files, last one added on Nov 27, 2010
Album viewed 167 times

Inspired by ... Boris Vallejo ~ ENDED ~


Inspired by, a chance for another artist work inspire thee. Check out his work and let him inspire you in your creations for this mini contest, sponsored by our very own Musicat. One week only ending on 11/14/10.

12 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2010
Album viewed 165 times



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