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2023 Mar 22 08:29:39
It's Another Day...which means...another cup of :java: is needed


2023 Mar 21 09:00:00
H O W D Y....:java: Ahhhh


2023 Mar 20 11:23:46
Goooooood Morning to all...It's COFFEE TIME :java: Ahhhhhhh


2023 Mar 19 11:55:54
Your Welcome....and Good Morning to all...


2023 Mar 18 09:34:39
Thanks bunches


2023 Mar 17 08:09:26
Click on your current user name..Then click My Account and you'll see in Username with a "Change" notice under it.  Click on the change...and change your name.


2023 Mar 16 08:06:17
Hey how do I change my name in here? Since I'm not only Alexander's Grandma anymore.... I have 6 grandkids.  And Alex just turned 19! Wow....


2023 Mar 16 08:04:03
Howdie peeps. ((((Waves))))  :peep:


2023 Mar 14 07:55:12
Thanks for the info....will take a trip over


2023 Mar 13 09:21:18
If anyone wants to go to Rosity and vote on the pinup contest. I put in three just for fun. So many entered it will be hard to decide.


2023 Mar 13 08:52:19
Another Day.....Another Coffee :java: Ahhhh


2023 Mar 11 06:48:40
IT's Saturday....CARTOON TIME....woooohoooo


2023 Mar 10 07:02:59


2023 Mar 09 08:46:51
I've got a feeling the Snowflakes will give me a headache as I shovel...


2023 Mar 09 04:14:29
IT is Thursday, good lord the week is going by fast. This semi raining here is giving me headache after headache. :thud:

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