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Author Topic: Flamerule ~ 12th Anniversary ~ When Cats Rule the World ~ July 2019 Winners  (Read 591 times)

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Flamerule ~ When Cats Rule the World ~ July 2019 Winners

Meow !! :tearlaugh: Yes folks the cats took over and ran the place for the last month during our anniversary. And just look at the havoc they created and what is this about the new rules under consideration for the place. :sigh:

Anyway we have good news and that is the fact that our judges have gotten their results back to us.

So without further ado, kick back, relax and let us congratulate all those who entered and those who placed.

4th Prize:

Jean-Luc_Ajrarn: Choose 2 products -- [Contact darkangel with your choice & link]
shadow_dancer:  Choose 1 item -- [Contact darkangel with your choice]
MidnightStorm: Choose 1 item --  [Contact darkangel with your choice]
Netherworks Studios: Phoebe Full Character HERE (contact DA for delivery)
-dragonfly3d- : Choose 1 item [contact darkangel with link and name]
RDNA:  $25.00 gift card -- [give Daz username / email to darkangel]

Breakfast NOW! by

3rd Prize:

Jean-Luc_Ajrarn: Choose 2 products -- [Contact darkangel with your choice & link]
Rhiannon:  choose 1 item -- [send choice and link to darkangel]
ramhernan: : choose 2 items -- [Contact darkangel with your choice]
OldFashioned Woman: Choose 1 item --- [Contact darkangel with the link for your choice]
AnimaGemini: Choose 1 item from HERE -- [Contact darkangel with your choice and link]
RDNA:  $25.00 gift card -- [give Daz username / email to darkangel]

The Cat Lady by

2nd Prize:

Summoner: Choose 1 item from his store [Contact darkangel with your choice and link]
Jean-Luc_Ajrarn: Choose 3 products -- [Contact darkangel with your choice & link]
Sidhe Rose Graphics and DragonRose Studios: Choose 1 item from either of their stores -- [give choice and link to darkangel]
Art by Athene: choose 1 item from one of these stores Fantasy Realms Market
RDNA:  $25.00 gift card -- [give Daz username / email to darkangel]
Kaleya:  choose 1 [not partnered or Prime] -- [Contact darkangel with your choice - link and  username & email at Rosity]

Like a Boss by

1st Prize:

Daz: $30.00 gift card -- [give username and email to darkangel]
keihan: choose 1 item -- [Contact darkangel with your choice]
Katt: choose 1 item --  [Contact darkangel with your choice]
Biscuits: Choose 1 item [Not Partnered] (Yes to Merchant Resources/Prime allowed) --- [Give darkangel your Rosity username/email]
Jean-Luc_Ajrarn: Choose 3 products -- [Contact darkangel with your choice & link]
EscapeMotions: 1 Flame Painter 4 License ($89.99 value) [Contact darkangel with your email to send it to]]

Sun Flower by


Please do not contact sponsors unless instructed to do so

ALL sponsors will be notified once the contest is over and all winners information is gathered. Please answer ASAP.

Read this for questions concerning sponsors:

Prize information -- a how to process

Information needed for your prizes ASAP:

Need Daz username:

Summoner: When following our link please use the name of the product to view the info for it. then give Darkangel the link/name of your choice.

Thank you so much
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 :yippee:  My sincerely congrats to all the happy Winners!  :yippee:
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Thank you so much!  :mwah:

 :congrats:  to the other winners.

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Congratulations to all of the winners on a job well done!  You are well deserving of the honor! :Cup: :cheer:
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 :fireworks: Congratulations to all the winners!  :fireworks:
                                   Well done everyone!
           :grpwave: :grpwave:

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 :mwah: :congratz4:
To all who Entered!

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:mwah: :hobes_e0: :madfun: :congrats: :peek: :3flower;  :jogtigger: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  TO   A L L   :jogtigger:  :3flower; :peek: :congrats:  :madfun: :hobes_e0: :mwah:
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 :congatz:  To all of the winning cats and a thank you to all for giving us an opportunity to
                                  :c-cat:  smile.



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