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Author Topic: What do I need to do when I win a contest?  (Read 1291 times)

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What do I need to do when I win a contest?
« on: December 31, 2016, 07:22:02 PM »
Hello there winners and future winners...LOL

We are starting a new year with only a few changes in our competitions...so here they are and always if you have questions just yell.

The most important part is a valid email address, if we can not contact you about your win then it will go to another member...or me LOL


SAOTW=Starving Artist of the Week & TOTW=Treasure of the Week

SAOTW is chosen from gallery entries of the prior week by Jherrith. They are chosen from the gallery but NOT the personal Member Albums. The lucky winner gets a $15.00 gift card from DAZ.

TOTW is also chosen by thelufias from the gallery images. The image is also chosen from the prior weeks uploads, from anywhere in the gallery. The lucky winner also gets a $15.00 gift card from Daz.

Jherrith  notifies the winners for SAOTW and TOTW. He needs the following information when he contacts you about your win:

Daz username:
Daz email address:

Your Art Winners:

This weekly winner is chosen by thelufias from within its own album. Winner is chosen from that weeks entries.

The entries will be "your choice" which means they are whatever you feel like creating whether it is fantasy, portraits, pinups, horror, you name it.

This lucky winner will get a choice of $15.00 Daz gift card or 2 prizes from our Sponsors Showcase.

Jherrith will notify you and he will let Daz know your information if you choose them as your prize.

darkangel will get your showcase items to you if that is chosen.

Daz username
Daz email
link to the prizes from Showcase if that is your choice.


COTM = Contest Of The Month

This contest is monthly and will have its own album for the entries as well as a changing theme each month. It is handled by sidherose and Aelin. They will alternate months and promise to give you a variety of themes.

Both ladies will choose the winners of their respective months also. The prize will be a RDNA gift certificate for $15.00. RO will be notified at the end of the month when the regular contests winners are chosen by darkangel.

Daz Username
Daz email


Main Monthly Contests (Themed)

This has its own album in the gallery, for that month's contest (occasionally there is more than one so each one gets its own album). The judges of these are not members of this forum in order to keep impartiality of choosing the winners (6 each).

These winners are notified by me, myself and I ---darkangel ---  and I will need various information from the winners. Please read your email or pm when you get it.

MINI Contests

Occasionally we will have challenges/contests with prizes, they also have their own album to post your entries into. The prizes also vary so again please read your pm when sent to you.

Attention: the main and mini challenges may have sponsors that say no bundles, not partnered...so pay close attention when choosing your prizes.

Not partnered  =  any product that has their name with another vendor
Bundles = any product that has multiple products offered for a price

Additional information:

Please respond to your notifications about winning as soon as you can so that you are ensured your prize. As stated in the beginning, if your email is not working or current you may lose your prizes and we would hate for that to happen. You all work very hard on your entries.

Please do not contact the sponsors unless you are instructed to do so.


DAZ  and RDNA  (prize amount varies)

Daz username:
Daz email address:

Daz is a bit different also, they do not use the gift certificates either, they add it to your account in the "store credit" area. When you use it you will not need to enter any numbers, you will see on the purchase page of your order (to complete the order) a box for gift certificates and coupons, then another with store credit and the amount. That is where you enter the dollar amount, if there should be any left over it will stay in your account ( no expiration date as yet so keep an eye on it) for
later use.

RDNA  will still be able to sponsor after their merger with Daz and until the get all moved this information is accurate:

The user information is the same as Daz now that they are merged as well as where you will find your prize in your accounts.

See image below:



Real name
email address
Content Paradise email
(if different from above)



User name and email address.


XURGE3D: On hiatus until further notice



choices and links


Thank you for entering our contests and if you have questions you can post here or send me an email or pm. 

please give your sponsors a week from their getting notified before letting me knowif you still have not gotten your prizes. I will send them a reminder (I am relentless at reminders). They are very busy and at times emails are as bad as snail mails.

EDITED: Donating the prize forward

IF any winner wishes to donate their prize forward ---- YES you may BUT --- You must let Jherrith (weekly prizes) or darkangel (contests) know before you do it. We will need to know who you wish to give it to and what prize in your list of prizes, you can tell us at the time of your notification that you won
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Re: What do I need to do when I win a contest?
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2017, 03:40:02 AM »
Thankyou and Happy New Year to all at TFA and to the sponsors too that make it all such fun and exciting.
Every day is a learning day

Offline thelufias

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Re: What do I need to do when I win a contest?
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2017, 06:12:56 PM »
Well done indeed......

And yes Carolann....we DO love our fun place and our wonderful Sponsors....whooohoooo
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