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Author Topic: No More Cookies  (Read 1537 times)

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Re: No More Cookies
« Reply #10 on: April 28, 2016, 10:39:52 AM »
((The following jumps ahead to the event following Kiir`Sinthe's recovery.))


The Enchanter returns to the Keeper's Sitting Room with the Priestess of Tunare after examining Kiir`Sinthe.
"It appears that Lady Kiabella's assessment is correct.  My Niece is out of Balance.  Her ramblings though give the clue to her cure.  The Highborn of the Elddar`Dal used to brew and cook some of the most miraculous foods and beverages.  I had thought that their recipes were lost along with Takish`Hiz.  I always thought that there was something special about Kiir's cookies but never took the time to analyze one.  Could she in fact have been using an ancient Elddar`Dal recipe?"

Elwinde looks over at Linella.

"Did you manage to save her cookbook?"


The Halfling's eyes light up momentarily.

"She put it in the bag with the rest of the magical items that were to be saved."

The Druidess goes to a closet and brings a magical bag back.  Within moments a large tome rests in her hands.  A large rune is embossed on the front cover and overlaid with gold.  The rest of the deep red leather cover is plain and unadorned.  The Lady hands the book to the Enchanter.


Elwinde holds the book with reverence and looks at it in awe.  Arcane energy emanates from the tome with the feel of old and powerful magic.

"I had no idea that this book existed.  This is the book that belonged to the Master Chef of Takish`Hiz.  It holds all of her most secret recipes.  The foods she made are the stuff of legend.  It is magically locked.  Only Kiir can open it."


Looking back up from the book the Priestess speaks.

"There is more.  The Lady has managed to invoke the Withering.  It is an ancient invocation that has not been heard of since the Elddar`Dal arrived on the continent of Fayedwer.  She is dying and quickly.  Her Balance must be restored and she must find a reason to live in order to repeal it.  I know not how she came by such knowledge but it had to have been invoked done during a period of lucidity.  That is the only way that she could have done it.  My estimate is that she has no more than two weeks left before her body returns to the land."


"But without the recipe, how can we save her?  She has no magic to open the book for us.  Can some of her previously baked cookies work?"  The young Paladin looks questioningly at the Tunarean Priestess.


"Their magic fades with time but if you have some on hand they may restore her sanity momentarily.  Perhaps enough for her to undo the invocation or provide some guidance in getting the tome unlocked."


Eolande looks to Shalkai.

"This is one time that I would not mind if you had saved some of the cookies I had given you rather than following your Doctor's orders, Leofa."


((At this point we assumed that he had squirreled away at least one cookie.  Which he confirmed when I chatted with him in game.  Never got an actual write up from him on this part.))


The Enchanter gives the cookie to his niece who looks at it for a few moments before eating it.  Several long minutes pass before the change occurs.  Lucidity returns to the withering Lady.

"Do you feel better mia adrina?"  Elwinde inquires.


The Lady nods slowly.

"I do but for how long?"

Tears stream down Kiir`Sinthe's cheeks.


"I am not sure.  A few minutes, an hour.  I know not how long Master Windchaser has had that cookie.  Will you revoke the Withering?"  Elwinde's pale blue eyes look into Kiir`Sinthe's. 


"No.  It is better for me to Wither than to live unbalanced.  Better for all."


"I see.". The Enchanter says after a few moments.  "Very well.  The Lady Kiabella needs to speak with you while you are still lucid.  I shall send her in."


The Lady nods.

"Please do."

Kiir`Sinthe watches her uncle exit the room and smiles as the Enchantress enters moments later with a large tome in her hands.

The emerald eyes of the elder Koada`Dal meet the younger ones azure eyes.  Kiir`Sinthe's gaze travels to the tome in Kiabella's hands.

"My recipe book.  Now it is yours.  If you can unlock it.  I have no power to show you the weave and to pass ownership.  Lady Sineliniel's Damman can.  Lady Marial may know where she is, if the Lady Elanil still lives."


Kiabella's heart aches at seeing the withering Koada`Dal lady and clutches the recipe book to her heart.

"Mia Samiss Damman, I am not worthy of such an honor.  Are you certain?"

The Enchantress' eyes fill with tears that slide down her cheks leaving moist spots her violet silk gown.

"Mia Samiss Damman, must you leave us?"

"Mia Donne has all he needs in you.  Mia Daja and Nidri`Daja will be well in your care.  Mia Silind is gone as are mia Dammiati.  Mia mind will not return without balance.  I have no reason to continue in this world."


Kiabell looks frantic as she
"Is there not some way to help restore balance in you?"


"The cookies.  But the cookies are no more."  Madness once again overtakes the elder Lady as the young Enchantress takes her into her embrace and weeps.

The Enchantress holds the Grand Arch-Hage in her embrace for several minutes until her tears have stopped.  Resolve takes over as the young Lady's heart nearly breaks.
"I will find a way mia Samiss Damman.  I will find a way."  Kiabella softly whispers the oath into Kiir`Sinthe's ear.  "By the grace of the Blessed Mother I will find a way."


"Forsaken me the Mother has.  No more are the cookies."  Kiir`Sinthe weeps into Kiabella's shoulder.


After the tears have passed, the Enchantress breaks from the embrace and wipes her tears before she backs out of the room closing the door.

The Enchantress seeks out Traelen's comfort and embrace.  In between the breaths and and tears she tries to speak.  Traelen continues to embrace her, caressing her long silky red hair dampened from Kiirsinte's tears.  Kiabella lifts her head and Trealan takes his finger and gently brushes aside the few strands of hair that had made there way to her face.

Kiabella steps back and still sniffling tells Traelen "We have to restore her Balance, WE HAVE TO!"
Keep giving her the cookies that remain, I will go to Felwith.  The Lady Marial may be able to help. She has to!

Online Paul

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Re: No More Cookies
« Reply #11 on: April 28, 2016, 10:41:15 AM »
And that pretty much ends all I have on this story.

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Re: No More Cookies
« Reply #12 on: April 28, 2016, 11:47:12 AM »
And all was very cool.....Good writing my friend....I enjoy reading your stuff...thanks....
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