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Author Topic: The Last Matriarch (Excerpts from the Journal of Kiabella Shadowbane)  (Read 62 times)

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I come from a line of ancient Koada`Dal who were more commonly referred to as Highborn as did my Mother-in-law the venerated Kiir`Sinthe Shadowbane and her Mother-in-law before her the legendary Sinliniel Shadowbane.  Our three families decended from the Master Chef of the first Monarch of the Elves before Innoruuk took him and the Queen and corrupted them into the Teir`Dal and long before our people fled Tunaria to the shores of Fayedwer following the fall of Takish`Hiz.  We were each in turn the keepers of the Master Chef's book of recipes I being the last of that line as well as the Primary Line of the Shadowbane family by virtue of marriage.

For more than 800 years I have been the Matriarch of the Shadowbane Family.  I  have seen the deaths of my Husband, children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren, the latter during the cataclysmic events that destroyed the family home for the last time and  brought Norrath to its present state.  Vallinae, the great great grand-daughter of my Husband's Sister, Eolande and I are the only two Shadowbanes left alive now. 

There are days that I still mourn the loss of my Husband and sometimes feel that maybe we should have been lifebound so that we would have passed beyond together.  I would have missed much heartache but then also much joy.  My sweet Isabella How I long to see that mischevious smile of hers again.  Perhaps when my time finally comes to take me to the beyond we will see each other again..

I have been counseled many times to seek another Husband but I cannot bring myself to join with another.  Traelen completed me like no other ever could.

So now It falls to me to write about the end of the Shadowbane family.  Unless Vallinae follows in the tradition Eolande set almost 900 years ago the Family name will die with her and the Primary line will die with me.  She adopted an orphan from Kelethin who was a Half-Elf that she gave the name Arddunae.  Arddunae in turn adopted an orphan from Qeynos who she named  Lilanae.  Lilanae adopted an orphan from Freeport and gave the name Sirianae to her.  Sirianae adopted a child from Qeynos after the Cataclysms and named her Vallinae.  All of them were raised up  as Priestesses of Rodcet Nife.

There are no more Blood Shadowbanes unfortunately since all of my descendants have passed on with the shattering of our world 

After the shattering of our world I had wandered homeless for some time until I found this Sanctum.  Qeynos was the only city that allowed  me to purchase supplies to make this  place self-sustainable enough for me to live out my remaining decades.  I found Vallinae at the Temple of Life during a visit there.   That day they were holding a raising ceremony in which several acolytes were being raised.  Vallinae Shadowbane was among them.  I approached her following the ceremony and introduced myself.  I brought her to the sanctum for tea and we bonded in short order.  Over the next several years she would visit trying to get me to come out of my self-imposed exile.  I resisted with the knowledge that there was nothing left for me in Norrath.  My family was gone.  My people had turned their backs on the Mother. 

I finally relented first going to Felwithe whereupon I was attacked by the guards in the name of the Queen.  I managed to escape with just a few scratches and bruises and decided to check on Kelethin.  Surely the Fier`Dal would welcome a fellow Tunarean.  When I arrived in Kelethin much had changed.  The City was populated by Fae though they were a bit larger than I remembered them.  I found the Tunarean High Priestess and renewed my vows to the Mother.  I fear my people have fallen under an evil influence.  The Queen seems to be in thrall or seduced by a great evil.  I must investigate this somehow.

My feet took me once again into Felwithe.  Most of the guards now cowered at the power radiating from me and let me pass unhindered.  I entered the throne room to seek an audience with the Queen but received a very cold reception.  I was attacked by her Elite guards as well as her chancellor.  She then attacked me herself.  I did my best to protect myself while bringing as little harm to her as possible when the true power behind the Throne of Felwithe was finally revealed.  Mayong Mistmoore appeared, we fought and I bested him but still he escaped.  I must find a way to end him and his influence over the Queen so she can be returned to her rightful throne and perhaps return her heart to the Mother.



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