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Author Topic: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal  (Read 680 times)

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Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« on: November 29, 2015, 02:51:06 PM »
The Matriarch's Journal

Being now the Shadowbane Family Matriarch, it falls to me to compile the various reports of the events that brought this about and put quill to parchment in order that these events may be recorded in a manner that makes sense of it all. 

Of the surviving Family members, I was the first to escape the catastrophic explosion that destroyed our home and claimed the lives of my beloved Husband and Daughter, Carnimirie.     

Descent into Madness

 My Husband pushed me through the portal into the Greater Faydark and then severed our Lifebond, severely disturbing the Balance within me and sending my mind on its downward spiral into madness. 

I rushed back to the Commonlands as fast as my feet would carry me after ordering our Family Steward to take the infants to the rallying point at the Tower of Erollisi.  It was my intention at that point to defy my beloved Husband and perish beside him as I was meant to.  Alas it was not to be.  By the time I made it back to the fortress, it was no more.  I believed that my Husband and elder children had perished in the explosion.  My heart and soul were broken.  My mind was fleeing.  Rational thought would have had me joining the rest of the survivors at The Tower but such was not the case. 

I ventured into New Tanaan and entered the tavern.  My mind craved drink to numb the pain in my heart and drink I did amidst the countless tears shed upon the table.  I purchased another bottle to take with me and followed the whim of my breaking mind.  To the Mother's realm I went.   

Stumbling through Kael Drakkel I was beset upon by the giants there but as many as dared attack me were slain or otherwise incapacitated by my Companion, Fluffy.  That is not to say that I made it through there unscathed.  My gown was torn badly and many of its emeralds were left strewn upon the icy floor. 

We made our way through the Wakening Lands and into the Plane of Growth.  My mind wanted to know why She allowed this to happen.  I cried my drunken heart out into the ground at the base of Her Tree but there was no reply. 

I departed the Mother's Realm and made my way into Freeport and confronted Lucan D'Lere.  In my drunken stupor I wanted so much to obliterate the man in a flash of fire but I knew that I would likely botch the spell.  I left him a defeated Lady and made my way to the sewers of Freeport where I spent the night.

Madness increased its hold on my mind and by morning I was delusional in thinking that an unseen foe was after the infants and was tracking me to get to them.  I had determined to lead this foe on a wild chase across Norrath to keep it as far away from the children as possible.  I was also losing my power and the ability to control what I had.  I had to depend on Fluffy to defend me wherever I went.

I made my way to Cabilis first and spent the night in a secluded corner not far from the Warslik's Woods gate.  I had managed to make myself invisible after a few tries so my passing went largely unnoticed.  I awoke in the morning with the idea to lead my adversary to Luclin.  I believed that I had somehow managed to stay ahead of my imaginary enemy so I continued my journey across Kunark to the great Spires in the Dreadlands.

Once in the Nexus I made my way to the Bazaar where I purchased a rather simple dress after exchanging my last emerald for some coin.  After a bath and the change of dress I dropped what was left of my Emerald Silk Gown in the trash and purchased a few supplies with the remaining coin.  Even summoning food and drink at this point had become nearly impossible.  Having too little coin left in which to hire a room for the night, I made my way to the Paludal Caverns where Fluffy and I continued on to one of the Recondite Camps.  The Bandits tried to run me off but Fluffy sent them running instead or at least those that could run after the fight.  We took up residence in one of the huts.

During my travels to this point I had fleeting periods of lucidity where I would set my face to head to the Tower but to no avail.  Madness would return and drive me back toward the destination that my insanity had decided upon.  After I arrived in my final hiding place the periods of lucidity were farther apart and shorter in duration.  I had lost all hope when the final period of sanity came to me.  I remembered an ancient invocation of my people that I had discovered in one of Mistress Willa's books.  The Withering was created to bring the end of a Highborn when all hope was gone.  It had a failsafe in that it could only be invoked while the mind is calm.  The Withering ages one quickly to the age of The Greying and then slows down to where death comes a month later.  It was designed to give one the time to set one's affairs in order before returning to the land.  The first thing the Withering does is it drains all Arcane or Divine energy and then the aging begins.  It can be revoked at any time prior to the final day.

I had reached the age of The Greying when Hearth and Akierra arrived in my camp to rescue me.  I was beyond reasoning by this time.  Madness may have had my mind but I remember everything. 

The news that my Son lived and that he was at the Tower sparked Fluffy to disobey my command to send Shalkai and Akierra away and grab me instead.  My Faithful Companion who has always looked out for me defied me in my best interest and carried me to the Tower of Erollisi where he and the two Bards presented me to my beloved Son, Traelen.

The Power of Cookies

I was bathed, dressed and then subjected to the examination of my Priestess, Silyene and my Uncle Elwinde.  Following the presentation of their findings I was given one of the last of my cookies.  One that Shalkai had stored away.  My sanity returned for a little while where I talked to Kiabella.  She had my cookbook with her, the book of the Grand Master Chef of the Highborn of Takish`Hiz.  It had been passed down through Lady Sineliniel's Family until she passed it to me the day she died.  I could not unlock it since I had no power to make the weave nor to show it to Kiabella.  Her only hope of unlocking it was the Lady Elanil.  Lady Marial's Sister and Lady Sineliniel's Mother.  Still with no hope of maintaining my sanity I would not revoke The Withering.  Better to die than to live the Life of an insane Highborn.  I had not heard from Lady Elanil in quite some time and thought that she might have passed from this world.  Kiabella resolved herself to find her and get ownership of the book transferred to her.  The Lady departed that day for Felwithe.

Upon arriving in Felwithe, Kiabella met with Lady Marial and explained the situation to her.  Messengers were sent to my Parents, who came to the Tower to stay by me.  The Lady Elanil was on assignment in Neriak spying on the Teir`Dal Monarch.  So the Enchantress departed for Neriak at once.

It took a few days in Neriak to find the Lady Elanil who was posing as a courier for the King.  Lady Elanil transferred the book to Kiabella who then departed the city and returned to the Tower without further incident. 

My future Daughter-in-Law immediately started baking cookies. The cookies of the Highborn Elddar`Dal help restore and maintain Balance in a Highborn especially when something as what my Husband did upsets it so badly.  He did not know the effect that breaking our Lifebond would have on me.  He only sought to spare my life.

A few days before Kiabella returned, my Daughter, Eolande, arrived at the Tower.  We had all thought her dead.  The reunion between her and Ardunnae would have brought tears to my eyes had I been in my right mind.  Remembering it though does.  Eo stayed with us until after Kiabella had returned and after having the cookies again for a few days I revoked the Withering. 

The next day Eo handed me the keys to the Cottage in the Sanctum and took me there.  I needed someplace quiet to reflect and to care for my infant son Elidyr. 

Eo had made a decision during her own convalescence that she would not be returning to the Sanctum.  She had to follow her calling. My days are still filled with sadness for the loss of Mirie and Jahael but there is happiness in knowing that I still have three of my children that need me.  Elidyr most of all.  We will be getting together soon to hold the memorial to my Husband and Daughter who are no longer with us.


My Children built the Memorial to Jahael and Carnimirie today.  I had the Cottage moved by a company of home movers from Ak’Anon up the hill to a plot that I had bought and the Memorial was built on my original plot.  Fluffy will have to help me up and down the hill until my strength returns.  We held a small private service.  Just Shalkai, Kiabella, Linella, the Children and me.  Jahael and Mirie would have liked it.   Eo and Shalkai sang an ancient song in their honor and we all offered up prayers to the Mother and the Truthbringer for them.  My son gave an excellent Elegy.  I shared stories of my life with Jahael from before the birth of my Children.  He was a wonderful man who always put me before all others as I did him.  Traelen lives that example with Kiabella and I have seen her reciprocation.  I am very proud of my elder Children, especially Mirie.  She could have let any of the House Wizards hold the bomb but she refused all offers.  My Daughter knew the risk but would not allow anyone else to take it.  My heart misses her as much as it does my Husband.

I still have difficulty moving around.  My legs are not too steady these days so Fluffy assists me with the gardening and caring for Elidyr. I know that I could have had Eo or Traelen care for him until I have regained my strength but he is my responsibility. The Withering is slowly releasing its grip upon my body.  Too slowly actually.  It could be because of my still fragile mental state or perhaps because I am still struggling to recover from the severing of my bond to Jahael.  I know not for sure.

The cookies are maintaining my sanity and I am sure Balance will return to me eventually.  Mother suggested a lifebond to another but I cannot imagine being bound to anyone else.  Jahael completed me no one else will ever be able to fill the gap that he left behind.


Elidyr climbed to his feet for the first time today.  He just stood in front of me smiling as he held himself steady using the seat of the bench in the gazebo.  It will not be long before he will be walking I am sure.  Today I made it out to the gazebo without Fluffy's assistance.  The exertion left me out of breath for a few minutes.  My body is strengthening.  At least now I am able to lift Elidyr into my lap.  Fluffy helps me make the daily trek down the hill to the Memorial and back up. 

Trae and Kia brought cookies today and news that construction of the new fortress is under way.  They hope to have it built in time for their binding on the next Spring Equinox.  I hope to be fully recovered by then.

Eo and Nae are planning to visit on the morrow.  They come several times a week to visit.  Nae always brings me flowers from the Temple of Life's garden.  I think Jason helps her pick them.

First Steps

Elidyr took his first steps today.  It feels wonderful to be able to pick him up and hold him.  I was able to make it down to the memorial and back up to the cottage without Fluffy's assistance for the first time.  My face has lost most of the ravages of the Withering and my hair is now more crimson than grey.  Silyene thinks that perhaps sometime next month I will be back to normal and my connection to the Arcane will be restored.  It has been far too long.

Eo and Nae were here today for Elidyr's first steps.  The smile on Nae's face was priceless.

My Son has taken to walking rather quickly.  Jahael would be so proud.  As proud as I am.  After a mere two weeks he is steady in his stride and keeps up with Ardunnae easily.  My strength has been returning swifter than Silyene has predicted.  How I long to be able once again to weave the elements.  To bake my own cookies once more.  The ones Kia sends are still maintaining Balance within me.

Both of my elder Children visited today along with my Uncle Elwinde and Nae bearing a gift.  A gift that I will be able to wear once my power is restored.  A new emerald silk gown.  Uncle Elwinde enchanted the materials himself.  I could not hold back the tears if I had wished to.  The original gown was a gift of love from my Husband.  Embraces and kisses were exchanged.  We all went down to the Memorial and spent some time in prayer before a repast of tea and cookies.  We had a wonderful day together and Nae stayed to spend the night with Elidyr.  I know that if those two had their way, that they would be inseparable but Nae must learn the ways of the Temple of Life.  Elidyr’s destiny is yet to be seen.


Sweet joy!  I am whole once more.  The last vestiges of the Withering have departed and I can once more feel the connection to my Arcane energy.  Cookies are in the oven and I am wearing the new emerald gown as I write this. 
Levitating Elidyr as I used to do with my elder Children was an enjoyable experience for us both.  He had as much fun walking on air as I did watching him.  I take what joys I can find where I can find them these days.  Visits with Eo and Trae are always nice and time spent with my Granddaughter never fails to bring a smile to my face.  Watching Elidyr and her play together is so lovely.  How can one stay sad when these wonderful children are around?

Tomorrow I will return to the Shady Dragon to bake for Phil and his patrons once more.  Something to keep me occupied and to temper the grief of continuing in this world without my Love.

Getting On With Life

I can feel my natural Balance slowly being restored as time goes by.  Elidyr has no trouble now keeping up with Ardunnae as the two of them run around the yard playing.  Eo and I have made arrangements between the two of us so that the two are always together and we two adults get to do some adventuring.  There is a strong bond between the two children. 

The funniest thing happened yesterday.  Elidyr picked up a stick and was holding it like I do my own as he appeared to be protecting Adrunnae from some imaginary foe.  Perhaps it is a sign of where his talents will lie or perhaps he is merely mimicking my own actions during those times when I must defend him while on the way to or from the Temple of Life.  Some of the creatures on the way, though they offer no challenge to my abilities and pose no real threat, do not seem to have the mental capacity to differentiate between easy prey and one who is well out of their league.  Skeletons seem to be the worst of those.  The hard part is deciding whether such creatures are worth the arcane energy to dispatch or the time for Fluffy to intercede.  But after yesterday I can see that perhaps it is best for my Son to see my own spellcasting in his defense.

I have given much thought to the idea of passing the recipes I have memorized from the Book that is now in Kiabella’s possession on to Ardunnae.  I will put them into this journal and have it passed on to her when I have left this world to join my Husband.  I know she is likely not of Highborn blood but she should have no trouble creating the weaves for the recipes.  The child loves to watch me bake in the kitchen.

Today we went to the Bonding of my Uncle Elwinde and the Lady P`Nala.  He was quite stately in his wedding tunic and she was as radiant a bride as I have ever seen.  The ceremony was beautiful and simple.  Only close family members were present unlike the usual grand events of the Shadowbane family.  Lady Ravinda and I had a rather interesting conversation following at the reception.  I may speak to my King about doing some work in Neriak with Lady Elanil.  There is a contact of hers who will provide a Teir`Dal illusion that binds upon entering the Fourth Gate and remains in place until departure in exchange for some minor work.  I have already procured the robe of a Teir`Dal Arcanist from one of my newest friends who has been adventuring with me of late.  Perhaps I can find a weakness in the Teir`Dal King that the Queen can exploit and in that way exact my own revenge upon Him.  Dangerous work yes but perhaps the end result will be worth it.

It is still difficult to keep the tears back when I look upon the empty finger that once bore my bonding ring.  Uncle Elwinde assures me that it will get easier over time.

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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2015, 03:20:17 PM »
I think TL will read this part more quickly than me. I need to take a moment to start the chapter XIII.
But i love your story :yes:

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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2015, 07:28:36 AM »
I enjoyed it.....I always do.....
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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2016, 09:49:39 PM »

Construction on the Family Home has been completed. Traelen and Kiabella have moved in. Most of the other buildings are nearly done along with the new wall. My Son has asked me to move there as well but I am not ready. The pain of that day still tears at my soul.

I missed Confirmations this year but then I do not have anything to confirm. Serenity has not yet returned to me as my mental stability and Balance are artificially maintained by the cookies. Nor did I wish to bare my soul and its pain to the others. It is not their concern.

Ardunnae and Elidyr seem to thrive in each others company as they spend much time together alternating between the Cottage and the Temple of Life. I still wonder about Elidyr's future. He has not yet manifested any talents in either the arcane or divine. All things in their time.

Baking Cookies

Ardunnae helped me bake cookies today. Well as much as she could.  She helped Fluffy find the cookie pan and the various ingredients so he could bring them to me.  She then sat in her tall seat and watched intently as I combined the ingredients and channeled the weave into the mixture.  It was as if she could see the weave itself.

Now I write directly to you my darling Nae.  Here is the recipe for the cookies that you have always enjoyed so much.

1 clump of dough
1 packet of spices
1 bowl frosting
1 vial of distilled mana
2 cups Chocolate
1 quart Milk
1 cup of sugar

Combine Chocolate and milk until creamy.  Add spices, distilled mana, dough and sugar in mixing bowl while channeling a weave of one part Air, two parts Water and one part Spirit into the mixture.  Place on baking sheet in small clumps three fingers apart.  Preheat the oven to a good bed of coals.  Place sheet on the grate and bake until a toothpick can be pulled out clean from the middle cookies.  Remove from the oven and coat the tops with the frosting.  Makes approximately five dozen cookies.

It is always good to share the cookies with friends. 

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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2016, 09:24:41 AM »
Darn...I had everything for the cookies except for the vial of distilled mana :thud:
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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #5 on: February 21, 2016, 12:02:16 PM »
Well damn you just can't make magic cookies then.

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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #6 on: February 21, 2016, 12:55:18 PM »
I know...and it pisses me off :tearlaugh: :tearlaugh:
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Re: Excerpts From The Matriarch's Journal
« Reply #7 on: April 28, 2016, 10:44:50 AM »
My Granddaughter and Son bring such joy to me when they are here. The arrangement between Eo and I is still in force. The children stay together always. They spend equal time here with me and with Eo at the Temple of Life.

Ardunnae's training has started with my Daughter tutoring her in the basics at the Temple. She does look cute in her little Acolyte's robe. She spends a couple hours each day learning from her Mother except when she is visiting me and then we have different lessons. Lady P`Nala has graciously agreed to teach her all the languages of Norrath. The Lady and my Uncle have finally bonded themselves. It was a beautiful ceremony at the Temple of Marr with homage paid to both the Marr Twins. Jahael would have loved it too. ((some of the ink is smudged as if from a drop of water at this point but is still legible))

Elidyr is learning the Highborn tongue as well as Common and Modern Dal. He has not yet manifested his abilities so, I know not what school to begin teaching him in. He has Arcane Energy. I can feel it within him. He just has not shown which direction he is going to take it.

My own situation is still the same. The cookies maintain my sanity and thereby giving me an artificial balance. My natural balance is still recovering it may take years for it to return fully.

Traelen and Kiabella's bonding had been postponed again due to her Mother being Ill. Nothing life threatening but enough to keep her in bed for a few days. They have decided to hold the ceremony as soon as her Mother is well enough to attend rather than wait another year for the next Spring Equinox. I am looking forward to this bonding. They have settled on a Tunarean ceremony though not likely the Leutha`Tala.


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