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Voting Booth

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Award Info

    Votes Need --- Award

   10,000 -- Platinum Award
     5,000 --- Gold Award
     2,500 --- Silver Award
     1,000 --- Bronze Award
        300 --- Pewter Award
        100 --- Copper Award

2019 Voting Awards

100 Votes 300 Votes 1000 Votes 1000 Votes 5000 Votes 5000 Votes



We have many special projects and every now and then a Special Cause that requires your generous help.

There are times when we do a collection to help a member in need of assistance and all those proceeds go directly to that member.

All donations of what ever size are WELCOME.

Thank you.

Giveaway of the Day

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Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Dragons and Fair Maidens ~ January 2020 

Details Can Be Found HERE
Album Located


Nightal ~ The Drawing Down ~ Christmas Cards from the Attic ~ December 2019
Winners Announced HERE


2020 CONTESTS~Click on Links below for details

Your Art Contest (Weekly Award) (Gallery will be open January 4th)


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