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Author Topic: How to set up your profile  (Read 2383 times)

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How to set up your profile
« on: July 23, 2014, 04:36:35 AM »
In navigation bar at the top of the page go to "profile" then when the page loads look to the left side for:

Remember to click the "change profile" button after each section to make your setting preferences stay.

1. Account Related Settings:

this is where you can set your question for password retrieval and change your password. You can also change your email address here to make sure you have a current working email address --- we don't want you to miss out on any prizes.

2. Forum Profile Information:

a) choose your avatar or upload your own
b) set your birthday (you can leave off the year if you want but please do put the date so we can see it in the calendar and wish you a happy bday when it is time)
c) set any other info there that you wish to set
d) Enter your signature and link to your person web page too

3. Look and Layout Preferences

a--Current Theme: Forum or Board Default (change): like theme box change your theme permanently
b--Current Smiley Set: no other set to choose leave as is
c--Time Format: set how you want time to appear in the site The format here will be used to show dates throughout this forum.   
d--Time Offset:
Number of hours to +/- to make displayed time equal to your local time.
   (auto detect)  set time here
e--Current forum time: July 23, 2009, 09:05:42 PM: is here to let you know the server time

these next items you can set to your liking:

Show board descriptions inside boards.
Show child boards on every page inside boards, not just the first.
Don't show users' avatars.
Don't show users' signatures.
Return to topics after posting by default. -- set this to go back to topic after you post a reply
Don't warn on new replies made while posting.
Show most recent posts at the top.
Show most recent personal messages at top.
First day of the week on the calendar:
Use quick reply on topic display:
Show quick-moderation on message index as : choose how you want to see for moderation of you own posts

Notifications and Email settings: [[see image]]

Turning these first 3 items on will just make sure you get important messages from here

1. Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.

2. Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic.

3. When sending notification of a reply, send the post in email ---- in this section is where you can remove the topic reply from showing in your email notifications

4.For topics and boards I've requested notification on, notify me of: Instantly

5. part two of #4 --- set to "only replies" so you do not get a notification of EVERYTHING....just the important stuff..lol

 Personal Messaging: notifications and settings:
Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default. -- click to keep all pm's but remember you have a 50 message limit.

Show a popup when you receive new messages? -- click to see (on some themes) a flashing number or icon to let you know you have a pm and to get a popup window telling you -- for that you need to allow popups in browser for the attic

Notify by email every time you receive a personal message: set this to get an email notification for your pm's

Buddy and Ignore list

The buddy list is self made so you can have buddies here. Just enter the username in the box and click add
These are the main things in your profiles to set. I have included screenshots so you can see what can be checked or taken off.

Other members of The Fantasy Attic can contact you personally, but sometimes you may want to ignore someone's messages. This page allows you to set that, among other things.

Ignorelist:  self expanatory...don't wish to be bothered by someone, put their name here and you won't be only you will see this not any other member

Add  Username to the box then click ADD

All changes take effect as soon as you hit the send button and some sections will require you to enter your current password to verify it is you.

And when you change your minds and wish to add or delete items you just repeat the process.

AND if I have managed to confuse you real good ----note my tag under my name---- go to this link HELP..profile That is filled with info and may be easier to follow.

One need only to ask and we will be happy to explain and help out.
Fear not,
You are never alone,
I am there to comfort and guide you...

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Re: How to set up your profile
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 11:33:34 AM »
I prefer to use a bigger hammer :tearlaugh: :caveman:
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