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Title: Looking for collaborator
Post by: Dreamer on November 24, 2018, 11:38:48 PM
Hi all, I have decided that I really need to look into working with someone to get some of my ideas off the ground.

I am looking for someone to handle the rigging/morphing side of creating addon content for figures.

Poser definitely Daz Studio too would be good but not a deal breaker as I may end up dropping DS support if it's going to be too hard.

The big thing is I work in a rather scatter-shot way, short burst of creative energy broken up with periods of "tinkering" as health allows, also I have a bad habit of have multiple things going on at once.

The only upside of this is that it is very very rare that there are deadlines needing to be met.

I am working with the Hivewire family of figures.

If there is anyone out there who thinks they might be able to work with me I would love to hear from you.