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2022 Jan 18 12:58:59
Hey I'm looking for a way to monetize my photos' anybody have any ideas


2022 Jan 17 09:08:03
Come on now...share some of that heat.  My Neice lives in Arizona..She loves it...


2022 Jan 17 08:41:18
Going to be a beautiful 72 here in Arizona  :happydance:


2022 Jan 15 10:11:29
27 And Falling  :nopanic;


2022 Jan 15 02:39:28
Can we say.....procrastination, as loud and emphatically as we can. Doing other stuff cause I just know something will go awry. I AM COLD!


2022 Jan 15 08:16:46
Get to feeling better....


2022 Jan 14 05:09:25
Thanks a lot, fighting the virus the past week and this is the thanks I get  .... gee whiz 


2022 Jan 11 03:45:47
If not, we know who to blame....Jherrith..


2022 Jan 10 09:54:21
Now I am wary about the update to the forum...but it is a necessary one and hopefully it all goes well.


2022 Jan 09 04:36:53
Thank you Mary and Aelin...


2022 Jan 09 04:32:46
But...we got the Hammers Out and it's all fixed now....Woooohooo


2022 Jan 09 01:23:51
Well, for some odd reason while working behind the scenes...TP quit working right so reinstalled it and now have to re-set the settings. :nopanic;


2022 Jan 09 12:57:19


2022 Jan 08 05:24:17
buy not but...


2022 Jan 08 11:30:33
The weather here is just short of Diana Ross… We have 3 Degrees… lots of slush but my boss did but a manual snowplough and salt chucker… :nopanic;


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