Passia V4

Thank you for choosing Passia for V4.2. I hope you will enjoy her. Passia is a realistic and exotic character set for V4.2. Passia has a gorgeous face and chocolaty skin and will turn any of your renders into a beautiful work of art.
System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Needed Files:

Victoria 4.2, Victoria 4 Morphs ++

Usage Tips or Limitations:

-- This package has been tested for Poser4, 6, and 7 and 8 and DAZ|Studio.Shader mats for DAZ and Poser included as well as a non shaded set of mats. No non-shaded mats are include for the jewelry.

-- After starting a new scene, Load V4.2. Load Passia by clicking on the seperate face and body injections. The seperate face and body REM files are included if you want to go back to default V4.2. Click on the Passia Full MAT "button" and that's it. You are ready to let your imagination run wild.

-- To load Passia's jewelry, make sure that you have V4 selected in order for the jewelry to smartprop to her. You will find her earrings in a folder labeled "RC_Passia_props".

You will find the mats for her props in the pose library in a folder labeled "!!Reciecup". From there select RC_Passia to find jewelry mats.
Make sure to have the prop selected and click on the color that you wish to apply.

** Please note, the mats for the props and Passia work in both Poser and Daz and are shaded for both programs but results will be different in each program. There is no non-shaded jewelry mats in this package.

-- Mat files are also included to add make-up and eye color options.

-- Passia's facial expression are intended to be used with Passia only as the expressions fo include her face morphs.

-- Tear on and tear off mats included.

Included in this package

~~~~ Character ~~~~

1 face inj/rem
1 body inj/rem
1 torso texture
1 torso texture bump
1 face texture
1 face texture bump
1 limbs texture
1 limbs texture bump
1 limbs tattoo texture
1 torso tattoo texture
1 mouth texture
2 lash option
12 lash mats
1 tear texture
12 eye make-up options
10 eye color options  
12 lip color options
1 green face texture
1 green torso texture
1 green limbs texture
1 pink face texture
1 pink torso texture
1 pink limbs texture
6 Facial Expression with 1 Default
1 set of earrings smart prop
Gold and Silver Mats included for the jewelry.

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