Ork Faces

 With Orkz Faces, make each of your Orks truly one of a kind and special, no matter how many of them you have in your scenes!

Orkz. Powerful creatures.

Now in as many flavorful shapes as you want them to be!

• 10 custom Orkz Faces for the Orkz figure (head/neck morphs), via 1 INJection pose,
• 10 individual poses (one for each custom face),
• 1 zero pose,
• 1 REMoval pose.

• 1 INJection pose, injecting 10 custom Orkz Faces in Orkz figure (Partial Body Morphs: head and neck morphs),
• 10 poses, one to apply each of the faces,
• 1 Zero pose (to set all OrkFace dials 01 to 10 to zero),
• 1 REMoval pose, to remove the OrkzFaces morphs from the Orkz figure.
(all located in the Poses:OrkzFaces_JLA library)

- You should select the Orkz's figure head BEFORE loading the
!OrkzFaces_01-10-INJ morphs INJection pose.
(located in the Poses:OrkzFaces_JLA library)
- once the morphs are injected, you can use the individual poses provided, or you can control the 10 PBM master dials from the BODY body part (more possibilities that way)
- See readme for extra tips and instructions.

Poser Version:     Poser 6 and above
Daz Studio:     DAZ|Studio 3
Zip Files     1 Zip File (2.3 Mb)
Requires:     Poser or DAZ|Studio, and the Orkz figure

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