Helmet Fantasy

Helmet Fantasy

Tired of buying products which fit only one Human Figure, and have limited use?
Here is Your chance to enjoy the incredible versatility and ease of use of Helmet Fantasy, which fits 20 different Human Figures! With its morphs, smart morphing attachments, smart lights, light sets, and amazing materials and highly detailed textures, unleash Your Creativity! Easily create a wide variety of helmets looking radically different from each other, or make them match from one figure to another! Suited for Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Realistic, Horror, and many more styles.

 Impressive Helmet Figure, suited for a wide range of Human Poser Figures, incredible versatility and ease of use, amazing Textures, Morphs, Poses, and even Smart Lights!

Fits 20 different human figures, female or male, so you'll never run out of possibilities. High Resolution textures, Metal and Rust look, Reflective or Not Reflective, Visor Prop Transparency for Glass, Metal and Rust looks... Spectacular detail, even in close-up views!

Original Poses, Show/Hide Poses, to easily display only the Helmet Smart Props that You want, MAT Poses, Light Sets, including Basic P5, Basic P6 lighting, and Fill lights (P5 and P6 versions), Smart Helmet Lights (Poser 6 or 7 only), for dramatic and unique lighting effects!

Helmet Fantasy morphing Figure with attached Props, in 20 versions (one for each Human Figure supported), Smart, morphing Props attached to the Helmet Figure: Helmet Bars, Helmet Lights, Helmet Horns 1, Helmet Horns 2, Helmet Mask, and Helmet Visor, 38 MATerial Poses: 8 ALL MAT poses (apply to the Helmet Figure and all its smart props at once), 30 Visor "Glass" MAT Poses (6 Metal, 6 Rust, 18 Glass). 7 original Poses (apply to the Helmet Figure and all its smart props at once), 14 Show/Hide Poses (1 Hide ALL Props, 1 SHOW ALL Props, and an individual SHOW and HIDE pose for each Prop), 42 Light Sets: 4 Basic Lights P5, 8 Basic Lights P6,

- 12 Fill Lights (6 P5, 6 P6) 18 Helmet Smart Lights (colored point lights parented to the Helmet Figure - Poser 6 and 7 only) 39 textures:

- 12 Helmet textures (HiRes bump, HiRes color, HiRes specular - 4096 by 4096 pixels. MedRes .bump, MedRes color, MedRes specular - 2048 by 2048 pixels) 6 HelmetBars textures, (2 bump, 2 color, 2 specular - 1024 by 1024 pixels), 6 HelmetHorns textures (apply to HelmetHorns1 and HelmetHorns2 - 2 bump, 2 color, 2 specular - 1024 by 1024 pixels),

- 6 HelmetMask textures (2 bump, 2 color, 2 specular - 1024 by 1024 pixels), 9 HelmetVisor textures (2 bump, 2 color, 2 specular, 3 transparency - 1024 by 1024 pixels),
- 7 texture templates.

Poser Version:     5,6 and 7 ONLY

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