The Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where ox lips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”
―William Shakespeare-A Midsummer Nights Dream-


Go deep inside the woodlands and find the Fountain of Youth.

Mystical Cavern, covered with moss and flowers. Magical glowing inside, where the Water of Eternal live is coming out from deep inside of Mother earth.

And when you watch very carefully, you will see elves and fairy's and other mystic creatures, who collect this precious water in two basins . The cavern and the basins are surrounded by a wonderful meadow , with grass, mushrooms, stones, old Tree-trunk. Old ruins tell their own story from far away times.

Fairy  lights light you the way  when the night comes and the day goes.

Dream your dream and build your own Fantasy World.

-9 Camera Pre -sets

-1 Mood Light for the Cavern ,Parented

-1 Light set for the fairy Orb Lanterns ,Parented

-1 Single Light for the Zero Fairy Orb Lantern, Parented

-5 Glow Material presets for the Fairy Globe

-9 GOTO Poses for V4

-7 Gras-Clumps in Zero Position

-1 Tree-Trunk in Zero Position

-1 Single Fairy Orb Lantern

-1 Ground With the Cavern and Basins filled with Water

-1 set cavern Plants

-1 set River Plants

-1 Bridge with Trail

-1 Set bridge Plants

-1 Set Plants for the Basins

-1 Ruins

-1 Set Ruin Plants

-1 Ivy for the Ruins

-1 Old Tree Trunk

-1 Set of fairy Orb lanterns , 4 together

All the needed texture, Bump, Transparency files from 700x700-2048x2048 pixels.

Detailed Read-me with usage tips


Poser Version:     8+
Zip Files     6 (73Mb,17Mb,29Mb,35Mb,59Mb,22Mb,
Requires:     Poser 8+ or any other Software which opens OBJ files

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