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Last additions - 2020 Contests and Challenges
Monster in the Closet33 views1 commentsJherrithMay 22, 2021
They burst out of the Closet31 views2 commentsJherrithMay 22, 2021
Jimmy and the Monster in the Closet32 viewsrrkknight3May 21, 2021
Anxiety Donkey21 viewsRadkresMay 20, 2021
Gamer Monster20 viewsRadkresMay 20, 2021
There's No Monster Under the Bed30 views3 commentsDirty MagicApr 17, 2021
Good Night Hug46 views5 commentsLlola LaneApr 16, 2021
The cupboard monster42 views6 commentsAelinApr 15, 2021
He Remembered42 views5 commentsRadkresApr 13, 2021
Oh Honey, When I am through, You'll Look Marveless!!!47 views7 commentsM-CallahanApr 13, 2021
Wrong Closet40 views2 commentsdeeleelaw57Apr 12, 2021
Boo!45 views8 commentsAelinApr 11, 2021
Monsters hiding in the darkness56 views11 commentsNemesisApr 09, 2021
A little spider in the closet70 views5 commentsWingedwolfApr 04, 2021
When you are not at home...69 views6 commentsNemesisApr 02, 2021
Peek-a-Boo!55 views7 commentsM-CallahanApr 02, 2021

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Your Art 2020 (weekly)Back by popular demand is the weekly "Your Art" contest. All art style's are acceptable, any theme. However 'no nudity' please.
3 339

Mirtul ~ The Melting ~ Beneath the Sea ~ May 2020 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome each of thee, tis a odd month in what passes for the real world. Goodness, things are upside down.
Speaking of which this month the consensus was to go under the sea. Plenty of sights to see ...
Fish, strange creatures, or maybe merfolk ... or how about a touch of adventuring? There is a shipwreck lying deep below, just full of treasure or is there something more sinister hidden with the wrecked hull?

Bottom line your pics are to be of what you imagine to be going on beneath the sea. Matters not where thy imagination takes thee, but it must be from beneath the sea.

30 files, last one added on May 31, 2020
Album viewed 107 times

Flamerule ~ Barefoot Girls Dancing ~ 13th Anniversary ~ July 2020 Contest ~ Ended ~


Flamerule ~ Bare Foot Girls Dancing ~ 13th Anniversary ~ July 2020 Contest

Happy anniversary, yes folks it is that time we are celebrating our anniversary again, made to the magical number 13 at last.

So please join in and help us celebrate with wonderful and delightful pictures of the theme chosen by our Attic Family: "Down by the river and dancing in the moonlight (barefoot girls skimpy clad)".

Dancing, or all water activities are welcome around your scenes.

At any rate since it is our anniversary you are allowed up to five pictures this month.

Starts on July 1st and ends midnight the 31st.

33 files, last one added on Jul 31, 2020
Album viewed 87 times

Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Dragons and Fair Maidens ~ Jan 2020 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Dragons and Fair Maidens ~ Jan 2020 Contest

Welcome to a new year with potential for new beginnings in all areas of ones life. Especially in ones growth as an artist. So with that being said here is thy first challenge.

Although the year of the Dragon is still off in the future, you the members are ready to show off dragons in your pictures, only twist is the inclusion of thy fair maiden.

Granted "fair maiden" can mean a lot of things to folks. Strong, delicate, needy, frail, or perhaps the dragon transforms into a maiden.

Endless possibilities.

Standard rules apply.

Up to three entries per person.

Runs from Jan 1st to Jan 31st at midnight EST.

Have fun and we look forward to your submissions.

(ah, submission ... we so love the sound of the word ... oops)

40 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2020
Album viewed 154 times

Alturiak ~ Claws of Winter ~ Time Traveller ~ Feb 2020 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome all it is the turn of the next page of the calendar and the beginning of a new month. Most people think of the month of the Alturiak (February) as a month of love, companionship and romance. However we have a different idea in here ...

That being said, this month, you are a time traveller and now is your chance to go backwards in time or forwards in time, or even dare I say it sideways in time and witness any event in history.

Although if you go forwards in time that is a whole different story. What did you see and does the band "Ultravox" stay together or did they break up?

So anywhere you want to go, any time, any place, where do you want to go?

As a time traveller, you should let your imagination unfold with visions from the any past or distant future, and depict scenes of what thou has seen or places you want to go.

20 files, last one added on Feb 25, 2020
Album viewed 105 times

Ches ~ The Claws of Sunsets ~ Those Dark Fairies ~ March 2020 Contest ~ ENDED ~


It is time for a new contest theme and what do we have but those mischievous dark fairies for your rendering delight.

Now fairies come in all shapes and sizes so don't automatically think they must be diminutive, on the other hand the things that they can get into well, can be quite exhausting.

Now there were a couple runner up themes that came quite close to making it and please feel free to incorporate them if you can, such as "The Year of the Rat" and there was something about red hair and green eyes, which certainly spells trouble in any language.

So be creative and let thy imagination run wild, however there must be a "dark fairy" in your picture.

34 files, last one added on Mar 31, 2020
Album viewed 127 times

Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ Pirates of the Attic ~ Apr 2020 ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to a new month full of new wonders, hope and dreams. Yes, it is true the outside world has gone into crazy mode. However that doesn't mean that here in the Attic that one cannot continue to enjoy the camaraderie of each other and share stories and art.

Yes, the pirates and freebooters are out and in full force. They roam the high seas, or the open skies or maybe even the verdant forest, fields and open plains.

In the past or from the future, pirates male or female of all races, or even species have left their mark in history, even alternative histories are far from safe when they roam.

Sometimes they do good, sometimes ... well ... never-mind.

We all look forward to seeing pics of your pirates and freebooters doing what they do best, so no matter what type of setting you choose or point in time such as traditional, steam/cyber-punk, sci-fi ~ it's all up to you.

33 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2020
Album viewed 129 times

Kythorn ~ The Time of Flowers ~ Deep Space ~ June 2020 ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to the month of Kythorn. It is time that the spaceship Fantasy Attic goes forth to explore strange new worlds, the deep void between worlds and the fantastic sights and creatures that make up the universe or multiverse depending on your point of view.

This months challenge is a bit more detailed, the reaches of outer space beckons you to come forth and explore the majesty and wonders of the universe.

So you have been traveling in space, what planets have you visited, what do they look like, is there any life on them?

How about a guided tour of your craft, during flight, or during the daily duties on board, or when in dry dock for repairs of upgrades.

You could always show us where your next mission is headed. I am sure the monitors and viewing ports on board will provide a nice view.

Up to three images only, starts on June 1st and runs till midnight on June 30th.

31 files, last one added on Jun 30, 2020
Album viewed 106 times



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