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Last additions - 2018 Contests and Challenges
Red is Lucky9 commentsali_senDec 31, 2018
Hippy Nude Year4 commentsWingedwolfDec 30, 2018
End of the Year7 commentsali_senDec 30, 2018
Winter's Tale10 commentsArtienneDec 29, 2018
Visitors 4 commentsoldeekdogDec 28, 2018
Winter Elf Enjoying The Season5 commentsCalieVeeDec 28, 2018
Backyard Stroll7 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 27, 2018
Happy 2019!!15 commentssidheroseDec 27, 2018
New Year's Eve in a Fantasy Tavern11 commentsHeitaikaiDec 27, 2018
Howling Good Carolers4 commentsdeeleelaw57Dec 26, 2018
Zombie New Year12 commentsAmirADec 26, 2018
China Town4 commentsoldeekdogDec 26, 2018
Beauty Among the Ruins4 commentsAgent0013Dec 26, 2018
YEEE HAWWW or Not4 commentsdeeleelaw57Dec 25, 2018
Waiting for Santa4 commentsdeeleelaw57Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas 20186 commentsoldeekdogDec 25, 2018

March 2018 ~ Sci-Fi FanFest ~ **CLOSED** ~


Welcome to our March 2018 COTM - SCI-FI FANFEST

You asked for it...
We'll say you made the appropriate sorts of indicators (grunts, giggles and snorts) that you might like to have a go. we are:

Name your favorite SCI-FI author, character or story! Bet you can't, because you have too many. Well, I have a small solution to that for this month of March.

Show us your impressions of THREE (3) of your favorite stories, or a character in a story and a scene from that story. They can be human, alien, cyborg, or fantastic creatures. It can be straight-on SCI-FI, SteamPunk SCI-FI or SCI-FI Fantasy. If it's SCI-FI, do it.

Please provide the name of the story or book and the author if not more - more is your choice - like a line or two of dialogue or description to set the mood.

This contest will run until MIDNIGHT E.S.T. on Saturday, March 31st, 2018

20 files, last one added on Mar 25, 2018
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Ches ~ The Claws of Sunsets ~ Fractured Fairytales ~ March 2018 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Harken back to the days of Rocky and Bullwinkle's "Fractured Fairytales" segments that always presented some skewed version of one of our favorite fairytales. If you were going to illustrate a fairytale of your own that you twisted around a bit - or a lot - what would it look like?

Has Grandma sent the Wolf to another dimension with her staff before he even gets to Red Riding Hood?
Is the Beast really just a human version of his beastly self, instead of a cultured handsome prince?
Is the braid of Rapunzel 10 feet too short to reach the prince?
Does the Princess find the pea/bean in all her mattresses that's been vexing her, throw it out the window; only to watch it grow, and now she can climb down and escape?

Yes, fractured meaning ever so not quite what one might have recalled from your youth. Bring to us your fairytales, fables and stories ... but only if there is a fracture or twist in the telling of the tale.

Just in case there is any confusion as to the limits of what characters you can use in your depictions, all are welcome, so matters not if you choose to use any of your toon or regular characters, animals, or whatever else resides within your collection.

Standard rules apply.

Up to three entries if you choose. Not entered in any other contest. Must be original work of your own.

This shall run until midnight Saturday the 31st.

So join in and please have fun with the telling of your tales.

17 files, last one added on Mar 31, 2018
Album viewed 137 times

April 2018 ~ Magic and Pets -- ENDED --


April is the first full month for Spring, a moment where Nature can be magical in eyes of many with renewal of plants after the "dark season".

It's also the time where animals think to their families - maybe also the reason for why it's the National Pet Month in United Kingdom.

What is more apropos for the season than to show magic and animals at the same time?

Challenge this month will ask you to show wizard(s) and/or witch(es) with their familiar. They can be outside or inside, all places are welcome, but familiar must be fantasy animals.

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.
You may enter until 3 times by participant.

This Challenge will run from April 1st to Monday April 30th until midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.

21 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2018
Album viewed 116 times

June 2018 ~ Border Town ~ ENDED ~


Cities and towns are a mix of many things, and they have always their part of mysteries.
What happens here or there? Where are borders between districts... or perhaps between worlds?

Your challenge this month is to show a part of a town or city like the border of something. It can be simply a country border, a world border... Where your imagination will go?
All epochs and styles of towns are welcome.

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.
Each participant may enter up to 3 times.

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are by HERE. Please read those as well.

This Challenge will run from June 1st to Saturday June 30th until midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.

17 files, last one added on Jun 30, 2018
Album viewed 78 times

July 2018 ~ Muse's Choice ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to our July 2018 COTM - "MUSES' CHOICE"

Other than our normal TOS and the general contest rules for the COTM, THERE ARE NO RULES. NO THEME. Nope, it's YOUR turn to come up with YOUR OWN THEMES, my friends! Do whatever YOU are inspired to do.

You can do Magazine Covers, Book Covers, CD covers, Sci-Fi, Mythic, Steampunk, Fae, Creatures, Aliens, illustrate a song, comic...whatever flips your fancy-switch :smiley:


Please: leave me a note of what it is you're doing, so I can judge it for what it is.

If you use any previously done images, they must be reworked. New ones for this are preferred but it's up to you. It will be a busy month, render-wise! Otherwise, you're on your own!

This contest will run until MIDNIGHT E.D.T. on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018.
Normal contest rules apply.

21 files, last one added on Jul 26, 2018
Album viewed 89 times

Flamerule ~ 11th Anniversary Swimsuit Contest July 2018 ~ ENDED ~


Anyone know what time it is ... that's right it is "Happy Anniversary" time. it is now eleven years that we have had our doors open for all of you kind folks as a place ot relax, chat, bicker, share your art, hijack threads with no backlash and just out and out right have a good time.

So what does that mean, why it is time for the Annual Swimsuit contest, yes every July we have as our theme "swimsuits".

Simple right, well it is, your character must be wearing a swimsuit it can be as demure or racy as desired, however please do keep in mind that although we are not prudes here, this is a family site and children can and do look over your shoulders while you are on the web.

So break out your favorite suits for the ladies and the fellas and let them have some fun in the summer time sun and catch a ray or two or just enjoy the beach, pool, lake or pond.

67 files, last one added on Jul 31, 2018
Album viewed 185 times

September 2018 ~ Through the Window ~ CLOSED


September is back, and all around the world, at that time, children are at school. This is the end of Summer adventures. Yet, mind continues to wander around, and the best escape stays windows.
And for adults it's the same way sometimes when it's the time going back to work after holidays.

Your challenge this month is to show us what is through the window. It can be real world, fantasy world...

16 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2018
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