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Last additions - 2017 Contests and Challenges
Moonspell9 commentssidheroseMay 27, 2018
Christmas Blocks4 commentsmtdanaDec 31, 2017
Fairies and Butterflies are Always in Season, even in the winter.4 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 30, 2017
Wishing You An Old Fashioned Christmas4 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 30, 2017
Snow Priestess3 commentsali_senDec 30, 2017
Happy Holidays!3 commentsali_senDec 29, 2017
The Puzzle3 commentsAgent0013Dec 29, 2017
Bad Blood (TGIF)1 commentsoldeekdogDec 29, 2017
Feeding the animals4 commentsMarciaGomesDec 28, 2017
Putting decorations on the tree3 commentsMarciaGomesDec 28, 2017
The dance of the fairies1 commentsMarciaGomesDec 28, 2017
What a mess1 commentsWingedwolfDec 28, 2017
sakura witch3 commentsali_senDec 27, 2017
Thought We Did Not Exist1 commentsAgent0013Dec 27, 2017
Deer Decorating4 commentsWingedwolfDec 27, 2017
In Search of the Lost Chord5 commentsoldeekdogDec 27, 2017

Uktar ~ The Rotting ~ Into the light comes the Dragon ~ November 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to the Highharvestide Feast, it is right around the corner and preparations are nearly complete here at The Fantasy Attic.

But in order to get to the festival the residents must journey into the night to reach their destination. With only Candles and Lanterns to guide their way, they must avoid all dangers....especially the Dragons that are always in waiting.

Damn, I hate walking by myself to the fest-hall during the dark, where is my lantern, ... ahh, illumination.

Um, gulp ... what was that .... no it couldn't be ... not here.

Time for another mixed theme contest folks.

Your challenge is to create scenes using Candles or Lanterns in any environment you choose for the trek to the festival.....but you must also show the group or individual, coming upon a DRAGON of your choice. Be it mean, friendly, hungry, small or big, winged or not....

So running till midnight on November 30th, up to three entries per person, and all original work not entered in any other contest.

21 files, last one added on Nov 29, 2017
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December 2017 ~ Change in the House ~ ENDED ~


"Wait... What? Already December?! Quick! We must decorate the house!"

This is the last month of the year, the last for feasts. But also the moment to decide how will look your abode for weeks.
What is asked to you is to show your character(s) with decorations around them, either they are doing the job (with more or less success) or it's already done: garlands, Christmas balls, Christmas tree... everything we can put in this time is welcome.
You are not confined to using only human characters.

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.
You May Enter as many times as you like.

12 files, last one added on Dec 31, 2017
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Nightal ~ The Drawing Down ~ Fairies of Winter ~ Dec. 2017 Contest~ ENDED ~


Welcome, and good day to each and everyone of thee. It is the time of Winter once more, and there is activity going on right before our very eyes.

What's don't see them? Why, they're everywhere: young ones, old ones, big ones, small ones, some as big as a...well, you get my point.

It's that time of year when all the faeries you have ever heard about that enjoy the snow and ice of the months that mark the end of one year and the start of the next come out and go about their business.

So we want to see the winter fairies that reside in your art, and imagination.

So running till midnight on December 31st, up to three entries per person, and all original work not entered in any other contest.

31 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2017, 863 linked files, 894 files total
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Kythorn ~ The Time of Flowers ~ Moonlight Becomes You ~ June 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Just one vote decided the theme this month, the good news is this time the theme chosen happens to be one more of mood or shall we say setting.

Moon Light

Yes, folks "Moon Light" so the rest of your image can have anything else you desire in it, so if you wanted to do a scene featuring corsets and blades, that will be fine as long as it is by the light of the moon. Perhaps you wanted to do a scene with mermaids, by all means do so but it had better be under one of the phases of the moon hanging in the sky.

And we all know that you can't do a sword and sorcery scene without a fat moon in the night sky.

Then again you might have a different thought in mind and that is the whole point, as long as it by the light of the moon, you have the right idea.

43 files, last one added on Jun 30, 2017
Album viewed 219 times

Eleasis ~ Highsun ~ The Oncoming Storm ~ August 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Well, here we have a new month upon us once again and surprise this months theme certainly fits the weather we have been having in my patch on this pale blue dot.

The Oncoming Storm

Yes we had some excellent suggestion made and anything to do with storms came out on top now mind you the runner up themes can easily be tied into it if you need help crafting an image for the contest. By the way they were, sword and sorcery plus fire and water.

Bottom line though "a storm" of some sort must be the main focus of your image.

So let the storms wash away all

Now once more standard rules are in place, original work only, not posted in another contest else where, up to only three entries only per person. You have until midnight EDT August 31st to submit your entries.

44 files, last one added on Aug 31, 2017
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Marpenoth ~ 10th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Gothic Halloween ~ Oct. 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome folks, tis the fall season, with Halloween around the corner, the time when the veil between this world of the living and the world of the dead is thinly stretched and passage twixt the two is possible.

Gothic means different things to everyone, there is the architecture of the period that comes to mind. These days, it is a fashion statement with quite a following.

Then there is the version that I prefer, gothic in the manner of the subtle, the barely hinted at, the breath at the back of your neck with no source.

Yes, the type of gothic that does not rely on violence of a physical nature to scare, but uses your mind, emotions and fears against you.

So your challenge is this: "How will you depict the GOTHIC side of Halloween?"

37 files, last one added on Oct 31, 2017
Album viewed 180 times

Marpenoth ~ 10th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Dark Fae ~ Oct. 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


In olden times the Feast of the Moon was a night of feasting and the telling of tales of battles and hero's long past.

Many tales were told of how in ages past battles were waged against evil and creatures of malign intent.

Some battles were against fae folk that were of a darker nature then those that were perceived as kind and helpful. Such as the Boggies, Bogles, Boggarts, Abby Lubers, Brownies and many others. The more malevolent ones, Erlking, Mogwai and the Yaksha for example ... well let us say ... best notify your next of kin if you run afoul of one of them.

So your challenge is to shine light on the members of the dark fae races and just what goes on during the night hours among them or just how can you escape their attention ... especially if it is unwanted .....

30 files, last one added on Oct 31, 2017
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